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Consultancy Services

Information can be the most valuable asset a business owns. To avoid exposing business digital assets to risk, companies that are serious about information security turn to First Info Sec for professional, information security consulting and support.

First Info Sec offers an extensive range of information security services that enable businesses to protect their data and conduct sensitive business transactions securely. First Info Sec clients rely on us to deliver:

Security Assessment and Penetration Test

  • External Penetration Test
  • Internal Penetration Test
  • Security Assessment
  • Application Security Assessments and Code Review

Governance, Risk and Compliance Services

  • Risk Assessment
  • Planning of Information Security Roadmaps
  • ISO 27001/1 Compliance Services
  • Information Security Policies, Procedures & Standards

Application Security Assessment and Code Review Applications can expose businesses to critical security breaches. Securing an application is one of the most challenging topics in Information Security. What software development houses call a security patch, is what professionals call a security vulnerability and is what attackers see as the loophole they need to access your data.

First Info Sec takes a multi-pronged approach to application security. Our security professionals conduct intensive application design review, dynamic application testing and comprehensive application code reviews to discover and eliminate vulnerabilities before applications leave the development environment.

Governance and Compliance Services We believe that Compliance is not about checklists, simple pass-fail results, or generating paperwork to pass inspections or audits—rather, achieving compliance provide companies with assurance in the information security systems are meeting their stated security goals and objectives. When information security counts, we provide the guidance and advice you need to develop information security competencies that can keep your assets safe and secure.

PCI Compliance consulting PCI compliance is the standard among businesses that conduct secure financial transactions through Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and JCB. First Info Sec and our partner Trustwave can help your organization achieve and maintain PCI DSS and PIN compliance through employing tried and tested methodologies to achieve compliance in the shortest time while managing project cost and impact on business operations.

ISO 27001/2 Compliance For businesses trying to achieve or maintain ISO 27001/2 certification, First Info Sec is your trusted partner. We partner with our clients to analyze their current capability, identify gaps, provide consultation on selection of security controls based on risk assessment of client assets. First Info Sec also provide support to roll out remediation plans and integrate information security processes in our clients’ day-to-day operations.